Dear Greece

Dear Greece,

Today marks 192 years of your independence, but your existence has been largely present for thousands of years.

Your rich history remains as important of an influence in today’s society as it did back in ancient times.

You gave our civilization the first democracy, the first alphabet, the first library, and the first lighthouse. 

You bred some of the world’s most brilliant mathematicians, scientists, architects and warriors of the past.

You created the Olympics, where the world’s greatest athletes compete for honor to this very present day.

A mythical world, a philosophical mind, a beautiful land – where mountains soar high and the seas should be called sweet, instead of salty.

Ever so proud, ever so strong, you’re history proves you’ll excel from the wrongs

From Athena, Thessaloniki to Katerini and Sevasti,

From Mykonos, Santorini, and the thousands of islands I have left to see, 

You are my land, my pride, where I yearn to be,

You, Greece, live in my heart and will forever exist in me!

Zhto H Ellada! (Happy Greek Independence Day!)

- Sophia Eleni


  1. :) Your love for Greece, its culture, history, its gift to this world, is very obvious and is a gift to us. Love you agapymou! Dad


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